The Mommy State

February 26, 2012

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The Mommy State

Rule number one – sometimes you lose and don’t get a trophy. Rule number two – when you lose and you don’t get a trophy remember the feeling, work harder next time and if still lose, repeat and do it again eventually you should win. However, everyone is not entitled to a trophy! Do you hear that soccer moms and dads across the land? We are raising a bunch of kids that simply think everyone gets a trophy no matter if they win or lose. There is a growing sense of entitlement among kids today that they deserve something shiny just for showing up and putting on their cleats. Well ladies and gentlemen this is just plain wrong. We need to start educating and raising our children to understand that in sports as well as most other things there is always a winner and a loser. I am not advocating losing, rather just the opposite, I am advocating teaching young people that they need to focus on winning and if they lose, they need to figure out what didn’t work, fix it and try again. Maybe I am crazy to think this way but, I don’t think so.

I know I have been away from the blog for some time. However, my only excuse is that I am finishing up a new book and that has taken all of my creative energy.  The book is now done and I am back in action.

Stay tuned more to come…


People who let their kids in the pool with diapers – not swim diapers – make me sick. Recently, we were down in Orlando at the Nickelodeon Resort and I witnessed this first hand. A person took her daughter into the pool without the proper diaper and made a stink when the life guards called her on it. The selfishessness of this individual was incredible. The fact that she made a stink about it (no pun intended) was even worse. Hotel security escorted her and her kid out of the pool area because she simply could not abide by the rules. I applaud the life guard and security for removing this individual and keeping the pool clean!


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